Uniendo Las Americas to Host Awards Reception and Film Screening in New York City

Brian Rashid, Founder of Uniendo Las Americas (ULA), presents the 2019 winners for its international entrepreneurship competition showcasing Latinos creating change and innovation around the world. In addition to presenting the winners, Uniendo Las Americas recognizes Fashion Designers of Latin America Founder Albania Rosario, CEO of Remote Reactivation Jorge Nunez Jr., and Founder of Next Stop Vegan, Blennly Mena. These remarkable individuals are featured in ULA’s video series, “Latinos Cambiando New York City.” 

NEW YORK, June 13, 2019 – For its second year in a row, Uniendo Las Americas is showcasing visionary Latinos pioneering major change in their countries through innovation, technology, and social impact. This event is rapidly gaining interest among venture capitalists, angel investors, and leaders at top American companies for access to emerging Latinx entrepreneurs. Uniendo Las Americas connects talent, ideas, and capital between the Americas by bringing winners from Latin America to New York City and San Francisco. 

Uniendo Las Americas 2019 awards ceremony and video screening is set to take place on Thursday, June 27, 2019 from 5:30 pm to 8 pm at WeWork, located at 4121 27th street in Long Island City, Queens. This year’s program will present attendees to the 2019 Uniting the Americas winners and showcase our video series, Latinos Cambiando New York City. 

Uniendo Las Americas 2019 award ceremony and screening kicks off at 5:30, with networking among leaders in various industries like venture capital, banking, politics, non-profit, tech, and more. Food will be catered by Next Stop Vegan and wine will be provided by Luscious Wine. 

Uniendo Las Americas 2019 winners’ awards ceremony begins at 6:30 pm. This year’s winners are both Dominincan entrepreneurs solving two pressing problems in their communities. Blennly Mena created Next Stop Vegan, a plant-based meal prep service in the Bronx that prepares Latin-inspired vegan versions of all of the most loved traditional Dominican dishes. This service offers healthy food and home delivery to New Yorkers that want to improve their health through fresh and accessible food while maintaining connection to their culture. 

Jorge Rizek is the founder of RVRecycles and is solving the catastrophic problem of single use plastic and the pollution it causes in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Jorge is creating a technology that allows families to properly sort their recycled goods, then sell used plastic for reuse. This idea not only creates micro-entrepreneurship and additional sources of income for ordinary people across the country, but it also prevents tons of plastic from going to landfill where it sits for 500 years causing numerous health and environmental concerns. 

Uniendo Las Americas 2019 video series, Latinos Cambiando New York City, screens at 7:00 pm. This video series features Albania Rosario, who moved to the United States at age 18 from the Dominican Republic without speaking English. She now owns and organizes, Fashion Designers of Latin America, that brings Latin American designers to the world stage at New York Fashion Week. The series also features Jorge Nunez Jr., CEO of Remote Reactivation, a company that is disrupting how service providers increase sales by working with international teams. The final feature is Blennly Mena, founder of Next Stop Vegan, as described above as a winner of the 2019 ULA competition. 

To be part of this special night and celebrate these changemakers, please visit https://ula2019nyc.splashthat.com/ 


Uniendo Las Americas (ULA) is an entrepreneurship competition and community created by Brian Rashid in 2018. ULA brings Latino entrepreneurs to the United States, invests money in their ideas, and presents them to investors and executives in the world’s best companies. Since its creation in 2018, Uniendo Las Americas has received applications from several hundred entrepreneurs from over 20 countries across 15 different industries. In 2018, Uniendo Las Americas selected Garbiella Strauss from Bolivia and Carlos Morales from Guatemala as its two winners. Brian brought the winners on a VIP tour around the Silicon Valley of California meeting executives at Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Apple, and Uber, as well as investor meetings. 

Gabriella Strauss is the Founder and CEO of Mujeres al Volante. With the ongoing problem of rape and other criminal activity on public transportation in Bolivia, Mujeres al Volante provides a safe method of transport for women and their children through private and secure vehicles. This women for women car ride sharing app not only provides additional sources of income for its drivers, but also offers women and children a safe method of transportation to work, school, and other particular activities needed for their professional and personal growth. 

Carlos Morales is the founder of Llenamaster. In rural Guatemala, residents have no control over when the water supply is turned on in their homes. Llenamaster is a product that automates the process of capturing potable drinking water, storing it safely, and avoiding overflow waste. It operates without using any electricity, is easy to install and inexpensive. It is available 24 hours a day so residents don’t have to wait on the unreliable distribution of water. 

To learn more or to get involved in ULA, visit https://brianrashidglobal.com/ula 

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