The Best Indie Films are Coming to NYC on May 7-13

The 2018 NYC Independent Film Festival will present 250 indie films! Our lineup includes films that develop unique stories centered around sports. From the inspiring documentary Racing Against BRCA to All She Wrote, starring Gary Dourdan as an ex-MMA world champion, our selction will keep you on your toes.


North American Premiere | USA, Bulgaria | 2018 | Narrative Feature | 1 hour 37 min | English
When Aaron, an ex-fighter, turns to music after years of being knocked around and left with permanent mental disabilities, falls for Jana, an off-centered Bulgarian immigrant living in New York. While he recognizes that she is as crazy as him, Jana does not share the same opinion. But her brother, Bobby, an upcoming wannabe fighter, decides to convince her she is that crazy, in order to get


USA | 2016 | Narrative Short | 15 min | English
AJ Green, a new kid in town, shows up at the high school boys basketball varsity tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Coach takes notice, and so do the other players, some of whom feel threatened by the new blood. The school’s team is excellent— second best in the state—and this is the year Coach plans to win it all. AJ proves himself on the court and clearly has talent, heart, and drive... as well as a big secret. Will AJ make the team once the players and coach discover the truth?


Canada | 2016 | Narrative Feature | 1 hour 25 min | English
The story of Wash Up follows Mason O'Brien, short-lived National Hockey League player and reluctant minor leaguer, as he revisits his hometown of Maynooth, Ontario and the colourful characters that populate it. While hiding the reason he is home during the hockey season, Mason is forced to figure out if it's finally time to hang up his skates for good.


World Premiere | USA | 2017 | Documentary Short | 8 min | English
One of my first days living in New York I got F’d by the F train (that’s why they call it the F train) and missed a show I was trying to see, so I decided to go into the city and eat some pizza instead. I got off at the West 4th Street Station and there was a pick-up basketball game going on so I settled in to watch. The players were mostly older guys who were ripped, black, and incredibly skilled. And then there was this one white kid, maybe ten-years-old, in a Kobe jersey swishing threes and talking shit like you can’t believe. “What’s that kid’s name?” I asked someone standing next to me. Without hesitation the kid shouted back, “they call me White Mamba!” and then dribbled gleefully down the court. A first-generation immigrant from Italy, Brayan “White Mamba” Leka is a 7th grader who has earned a spot on the West 4th Street courts. Not anyone can play. But his charisma, determination, and genuine love for the game and the West 4th Street Family has ensured him not only playtime, but also respect from the other players. When I asked him if I could make a documentary about him he said, "Yeah, but only if you help me with my math homework first."


USA | 2017 | Documentary Short | 11 min | English
Racing Against BRCA (BRA-KAH) is a short documentary about a 28 year old amateur long distance runner named Caroline Plank, who possesses a rare genetic mutation that all but guarantees the chances she will develop cancer within her lifetime. In an effort to avoid the imminent fate of cancer, Caroline makes the decision to undergo a surgical bilateral mastectomy, a procedure that may jeopardize her future as a competitive runner. Through an honest, informative and enlightening testimonial, viewers get to follow Plank's journey before and after surgery as she strives to overcome the odds and race in the 2017 New York City Marathon. A true story of perseverance and self-determination, Racing Against BRCA is a must-watch for anybody who has been affected by cancer or hoping to learn more about the BRCA mutation.


UK, Suriname | 2017 | Narrative Short | 17 min | English Subtitles
Zeola is a single mother whose life alternates between her job as a prison guard and her career as a football referee in the men’s league. In her attempt to obtain the international FIFA Badge in an official referee test, Zeola is confronted not only with her own insecurities, but also with the unfairness of the world around her.

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