LA SANTA CECILIA Releases Timely Mercedes Sosa Birthday Tribute With New ‘VOLVER A LOS 17’ Video”-

Today sees La Santa Cecilia continue the timely release of the individual visual performances from their highly-acclaimed new album  ‘AMAR Y VIVIR’.  In this new video, the Grammy-winning bilingual band enlists the support of son jarocho performance group Caña Dulce y Caña Brava to take us on a musical journey to the remote Andes mountains with their new interpretation of  ‘Volver a los 17’, a classic Chilean Folkloric hymn.

Volver a los 17’ was written by the famed Chilean singer-songwriter, Violeta Parra, the pioneer of the “La Nueva Canción Chilena’ (The New Chilean Song) movement, who’s centennial is being celebrated this year. ‘Volver a los 17’ was later most notably popularized by Mercedes Sosa – the legendary Argentine vocalist (who would have turned 84 on July 9th) is one of the biggest musical influences for La Santa Cecilia’s La Marisoul.

‘Volver a los 17’ is a beloved poem that highlights the value of youthful sentiment above reason, and describes the enthusiasm and positive effects of love.

This is the ninth video released from La Santa Cecilia’s visual album ‘AMAR Y VIVIR’  and follows close on the heels of ‘México Americano’ – a celebration of Biculturalism featuring Mexico City Rockabilly band Rebel Cats that has received wide praise over the last week.

“La Santa Cecilia’s ‘México Americano’ Is The Anthem For All American Latinos Who Love Their Whole Identity. La Santa Cecilia has never shied away from examining the complex duality of being a Latino and American. The Los Angeles band has released songs that deal with the fear of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the immigrant community (“Ice, El Hielo“) and they’ve also covered some of the songs that you probably heard your parents listening to as you were growing up. With “México Americano,” La Santa Cecilia celebrates all the things that make Mexican-Americans who they are. For all the non-Mexicans out there, it is really simple to relate, especially if you’ve ever felt like you’ve lived between two worlds. This song is about loving all the different things that make you a unique and multicultural person.” - MiTu

For The 4th Of July, La Santa Cecilia Expands The Meaning Of Patriotism.. Celebrating bi-cultural patriotism is La Santa Cecilia's stock in trade. From its cover of The Beatles' ‘Strawberry Fields Forever,’ spotlighting workers who pick strawberries, to this raucous rockabilly-conjunto cover of "México Americano," the band's very essence reflects the sentiment of the song. The roots of the song are in conjunto, the accordion-driven mashup of eastern European waltzes, polkas and Mexican storytelling that was born along the Texas-Mexico border. Music and life there, where culture ebbs and flows through cowboy boots and Spanglish, give meaning to the song's lyrics: I have two languages, two countries. And two cultures. For its own take, La Santa Cecilia has joined forces with the Rebel Cats, a Mexican band devoted to American rockabilly music. They turn both the accordion and the hollow-body guitar up to 11 to infuse the song with the perfect mixture of styles and cultures. On this most hallowed of national holidays, it's an ideal celebration of the diversity of cultures that make up our country.” - NPR 

“La Santa Cecilia Joins with Mexico’s Rebel Cats to celebrate an all-American 4th of July with cover of Los Lobos’ Chicano pride anthem” - Billboard

La Santa Cecilia, who got its start busking on the streets of Los Angeles just recorded their fifth album, Amar Y Vivir, in cantinas, open-air plazas and theaters in Mexico City. The resulting music erupts with a buoyant live energy—just as it’s traditionally meant to be heard and played. The album is an audio celebration of Mexican genres, like ranchera and boleros, and the band expertly pulls off each sound, in large part thanks to singer Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez’s booming voice, which recalls the power and assertiveness of Lucha Villa and Amalia Mendoza.” - FADER

See La Santa Cecilia At One Of These Upcoming “Amar y Vivir Tour” Stops In The United States

July 26 - Edmonds Center For the Arts - Seattle, WA

August 11 -Velorama Festiva - Denver, Colorado

August 19- The New Parish - Oakland, CA

August 20-Chachos Taco Eating Contest - San José, CA

August 25– Mexican Fiesta - Milwaukee Music Festival - Milwaukee, WI

September 14 - Palapas Society @ Denver Bot - Denver, Colorado

September 17- Hollywood Bowl - Los Ángeles, CA

September 23– Festival de las Americas – Tulsa, OK

October 2-7 – Hancher Auditorium – Iowa City, Iowa

October 19 – Library of Congress – Washington DC, Washington



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